In Ontario, regional risks may include flooding, severe storms, forest fires, and transportation accidents. As well, there is the possibility of acts of terrorism on Canadian soil. Being prepared and knowing what to do in advance could save your life, and those of your loved ones. Emergencies can occur suddenly and without any advance warning. Although local, provincial and federal officials are prepared for emergencies, individuals and families play a vital role in preparing for times of crisis when emergency services and other government resources may be strained. It is important that individuals and families prepare to be self-reliant for at least three (3) days immediately after or during an emergency. The following list contains the natural risks and other hazards monitored by Emergency Management Ontario.

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To learn how to prepare for more emergencies in Ontario such as: blizzards, industrial accidents, severe weather (heat/cold), terrorism, and transportation accidents, contact your Community Emergency Management Coordinator through your local municipal office. Or, for more information on emergency management programs in Ontario, contact Emergency Management Ontario.

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