Northwest Territories

From the Boreal Forest to the Arctic Tundra, the Northwest Territories have several geographical zones each with its own set of risks. Although the consequences of disasters can be similar, knowing the risks specific to your region can help you to prepare yourself better. In the Northwest Territories, flooding can occur along rivers and delta areas. Blizzards are also realities, and all communities south of the tree line are vulnerable to fires.

In addition to natural disasters, there are other types of risks. There are power outages, industrial accidents and major transportation accidents. As well, there is the possibility of acts of terrorism on Canadian soil. The following list contains some of the natural risks and other hazards monitored by the NWT Emergency Measures Organization.

More information

To learn how to prepare for more emergencies in the Northwest Territories contact your Community Emergency Management Coordinator through your local municipal office. Or, for more information on emergency management programs in the Northwest Territories, contact the Emergency Measures Organization.

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