Federal emergency management

Emergency management in Canada is not just about responding to events. It entails a constant regime of prevention/mitigation and preparedness activities. Emergency management officials hold regular training exercises. Policies and procedures are regularly revised to address emerging risks and ensure the most up-to-date emergency management practices. The Federal Emergency Response System and personnel are constantly monitoring threats. When an event—potential or real—occurs, the System and its personnel are activated to an appropriate level of readiness.

Federal Emergency Response System

The Federal Emergency Response System is an "all hazards" system, designed to ensure that the Government of Canada can respond appropriately to all types of national emergencies and threats, including natural disasters, national security and cyber incidents. It includes established procedures for directly managing response and recovery efforts and supporting provincial or territorial emergency management organizations.

Government Operations Centre

The Government Operations Centre (GOC) operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, gathering information from a wide variety of sources around the world. The GOC coordinates emergency response at the national level, uniting the efforts of all federal departments and agencies during emergencies. Learn more about the GOC.

Federal departments and agencies

Public Safety Canada coordinates the numerous federal departments and agencies involved in managing emergencies. These can include:

Public Safety Canada and other federal departments also help Canadians prepare individually for emergencies. Learn more about emergency preparedness.

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